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Theme Zoom Co-Inventor Creates Profitable Micro-Content Curation and Syndication System For A New Internet Era 


“One Feed To Rule Them All” Premium Cash Generating Micro-Content Curation, Mass Publication and Syndication System.

 What if you could publish at the Speed of Thought?

(Created by the team who brought you Theme Zoom, Krakken, Domain Web Studio The Last Keyword Tool, Network Empire and Google Plus Plus)  


Hello folks.

My Name is Russell Wright and I am the co-inventor of the Theme Zoom Natural Language Processing (and market research) application, professional neuromarketer, and premium content curation consultant.

This course reveals a system of curation and syndication used by myself and my team.

It has virtually all the upsells and tools that might cost you any additional money REMOVED as a requirement to make this system work. This means, what you see is what you get. It is useful and stands alone as value. Many of the free services that we use can create a flood of leads and qualified prospects and clients when used skillfully. But you must position these tools in a way that integrates:

1. Advanced SEO and Website Silo Architecture.

2. Automated RSS and social media status updates.

3. Premium Content Curation methods of value-added micro-content creation.


This course was in such demand from our members, that I have not even had time to put together a decent sales page.

I am sure you have read Curation Nation, and if you have not, you may want to get yourself a copy.

Here is the basic curriculum:

Course: Introduction to Premium Content Curation

(Intro to Curation) Tools You May Find Useful

Intro Concept: Corporate Versus Small Business Curation 

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 1 – On Your Mark (10 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 2 – Interesting But Incomplete (12 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 3 – Only Tweet Thyself (14 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 4 – Google Shared Reader Key (20 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 5 – The New Google Social Graph (25 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 6 – Bookmarklets In Action (11 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 7- Don’t Forget Your Email List! (20 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: BONUS Video 8 – Interesting But Incomplete Grid (10 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 9 – Intro to Storify Mini-Press Releases (17 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 10 – Youtube and Storify (11 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 11 – Youtube Powered Curation (12 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 12 – Yay, Another Sale! (25 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 13 – Re-purposing Storify Content (22 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 14 – SEO Ranking with Curation (16 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 15 – Intro to (27 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 16 – Curating Your Curation (30 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: BONUS – Intro to Posterous (30 Mins)

(Legacy) Premium Curation: BONUS – Google Reader Expanded

(Legacy) Premium Curation: Video 17 How to Use Paid Version

(Legacy) Update: Yahoo Pipes Replaces Google Reader – Video 1

(Legacy) Update: Yahoo Pipes Replaces Google Reader – Video 2

(Legacy) Update: Yahoo Pipes Replaces Google Reader – Video 3

Introduction to Cybernetics – How Content Curators (The Human World) can be integrated into the Machine World (Google, Social Search, Legacy Search, Theme Zoom and Natural Language Processing)

* Our  Keywords Software is Not Contained Within This Course and is NOT Required for Success! This course can be accomplished with ALL FREE TOOLS!

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New Internet Trend: Micro-Content Traffic
A new “Real-Time” traffic network now exists underneath the web.

Most experts never talk about it.

It moves faster than the search engines but includes them.

It exists beyond Social Media environments like Facebook, but includes them as well.

This “Real-Time” traffic Internet exists because the search engines (SEO), social media, (Facebook, Twitter) collided with New Media and mobile technology.

In order to communicate and engage the new digital audience, Social media, SEO and Mobile Applications must be integrated in ways that are difficult most business owners to understand.

The average entrepreneur won’t get their heads wrapped around one online marketing venue, let alone all three.

To make matters worse, the modern customer won’t respond to traditional advertising.

Content curation is the new industry buzzword for content marketing. Content targeting is an alternative to the ‘banner blindness’ and increasingly unresponsive audiences.

Ours is a generation glued to their Iphones. Sentences need to be short and to the point- but more importantly, micro-content needs to be placed in the right place at the right time.

The Micro-Content Traffic System solved this problem for us, and for many of our clients.

Micro-Content platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging (to name only a few) have changed consumers brains, and lowered their attention spans. The key is to position content that will engage your readers and potential prospects.

Then, instead of writing thousands of articles about the same thing (like many SEO professionals suggest) you re-purpose high quality articles by breaking them down into smaller pieces and AUTOMATICALLY syndicating them through your own social media content network.

The only ‘difficult part’ (which is not that difficult) about the Micro-Content Traffic Method is the initial research and set-up.

Once complete, your micro-content “One Feed” can run virtually on auto-pilot with only minimal curation (a soft touch here and there). Focus creating less high quality content that compels readers but break it down into Twitter sized chunks (micro-content). These chunks get posted to high traffic locations and convert to direct and in-direct sales.

If you have any questions about how to automate your online marketing business, don’t hesitate to call me!

Our team of developers have an “Empire Mindset” and we offer many different courses that integrate at the top-level. Sometimes comprehensive curriculum requires a global view of all of the options available to you. I have included a video below that will help you understand how this course (Premium Micro-Content Curation) is connected to the larger “Empire” series of business and technology courses.

Russell Wright, Co-Inventor of the Theme Zoom Online Marketing Application

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Before You Buy!!


We have been told that this is NOT a course for online NEWBIES!

By “online newbies” we mean people who have just recently started studying internet marketing or people who do NOT have a consulting business or some other form of independent income. This course will probably NOT help you if you are just starting out and if you have no other products or services to offer. Before you buy this course, know that it will help you in the following ways:
1. You will be able to organize and share online information more quickly.
2. You will become a faster stronger Knowledge Worker than most people currently online.
3. You will think more clearly about how to curate content and actually make money (ever wondered how content curators are actually making money?) 
4. You will NOT make money overnight, or with zero work.
Do not buy this course if you have unrealistic expectations